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Amniotic Membrane Therapy



Amniotic membrane therapy is the newest cutting edge orthobiologic. it is used to help regenerate soft tissue. Using It reduces scar tissue formation, reduces inflammation in the surgical site, enhances healing, and acts as a barrier.

It is a composite amniotic tissue membrane minimally manipulated to protect the collagen matrix and its natural properties. Our product is provided by AmnioFix®

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Amniotic Membrane Therapy can help patients overcome acute and chronic wounds.

Physicians encounter a variety of wound types on a daily basis, including acute wounds caused by surgical intervention, trauma and burns, as well as chronic wounds that are delayed in closing compared to healing in an otherwise healthy individual. Chronic wounds include diabetic foot ulcers, venous leg ulcers, pressure ulcers, and arterial ulcers. 

The physician’s goal when treating traumatic wounds is to heal the wound while allowing the patient to retain natural function in the area of the wound with minimal scarring and infection. If a wound becomes infected, it can lead to a loss of limb or life, and physicians want to close the wound as quickly as possible to minimize this risk. Patients with chronic wounds likely have comorbidities that complicate or delay the healing cascade.  

The healing cascade is as follows:
Injury: Inflammation, proliferation, and remodeling    

Normal soft tissue injuries heal in three main phases       Chronic injuries stall in the inflammatory phase

non-healing wounds              normal wound healing

Amniotic Membrane Therapy can benefit in the area of Sports Medicine as well. Sports Medicine is a broad description of the repair and reconstruction of various soft-tissue injuries in or around joints caused by traumas, or chronic conditions brought about by repeated motion in active individuals and athletes. Sports medicine may include various anatomical locations, mainly knee, shoulder and elbow, but this can be broadened to include foot and ankle injuries (such as Achilles tendon rupture) and even hand and wrist injuries. The main types of injuries include tendinopathies, tendinitis, tendinosis, tendon and ligament sprains, and ruptures

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