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"I just wanted to say Thank You for all you have done for me. You are the most amazing and talented doctor I have ever been to. I couldn't imagine how bad my ankle would be if I had never met you. You have gone above and beyond to help me and I will be forever grateful to you. Your staff is incredible. They are always so polite, kind, caring and efficient. I have never been to a practice like this in my life. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything."
- Lisa M

"It has been a long time since I've actually come across a doctor who truly cares and goes above and beyond for all of his patients. Dr. Batelli and his staff display courtesy, professionalism, and genuinely care for their patient's well being. Most importantly it's on a consistent basis. My injury was due to a military training excersise. Had it not been for Dr. Batelli and his persistence for quick and immediate treatment, my injury might have had some permanent negative effects. As a soldier who needs to be physically fit and always ready, this is the type of care I hope to get in times of need. I would recommend Dr. Batelli to all of my fellow brothers in the military as well as my friends and family."
-Holbein Gamboa

"Dr. Batelli is one of the most caring, down to earth, and compassionate doctor I have ever met. He truly cares about his patients and takes his time to get to know you. His office staff is very professional, friendly and makes you feel comfortable. I would recommend Dr. Batelli to everybody because he is one of a kind! Thank you to Dr. Batelli and his great staff for being so caring to myself and my mom who was also a patient! "
-Ali Garcia

"Dr."B" a.k.a. Dr E.Batelli is a kindred spirit that is on loan to us by our ceator. I un-fortunately, came in contact with something approximately 3-4 years ago. Since then I have seen many doctors and have been hospitalized more than I care to mention. The infection finally settled in my ankle there by destroying the joint and bones above. Dr.B was able to create a totally functional ankle and stopped it in it's tracts. He spent many hours designing and creating a replacement with myself and other professionals. Today, I am in p/t selected to his specs and I am well on my way to an active life. It would not be fair if I didn't mention DrB's spectacular office staff. The homogeneous atmosphere is felt the minute you walk through the door. THANKS MANY TIMES OVER TO ALL OF YOU!!"
-Marilyn Anzalone


"I was recently hospitalized for a foot infection and was under Dr. Batelli's care. He is the best! He performed 2 surgeries and had me back on my foot/feet in short order. I had a number of follow-up appointments at his office, where I was met by a friendly and competent staff. And, his appointment times are respected!"
-Arch Knisely

"Dr. Batelli has been my podiatrist for 4 years. He has done several surgeries on me to repair my foot. He always pays close attention to all of my concerns about my treatment plan and answers all my questions in a clear and precise manner. Through it all he has Provence to be the most caring and compassionate doctor I have ever known. A doctor who feels for his patients and has a heart. I am so thankful to him and his friendly office staff for all of their care."
-Maria Poklemba

"I have been seeing Dr. Batelli for just over a month now. I have a Plantar Faciaitis and was unable to run. The shockwave therapy he used on my foot has me back on the roads running in three weeks. This therapy was life saving for me. I thank you Dr. Batelli for your great care and getting me running again!"
-Brian Rusignuolo

"Dr. Batelli is the best around. He is very caring and always there when you need him. He has done numerous surgeries on me and always treated me like family. I am so happy for him and his new practice and wish him the best of luck in his new location!"
-Kevin Riebesell

"I have been seeing Dr Batelli for 5 years now and you will not get a better Dr that cares about his patients. he is always there to help in anyway he can. "
-Mark Wieczorkowski

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